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                • Long-term cooperative government departments, universities and companies


                • Honours and qualifications gained


                • Accumative total of translated words since foundation

                  128 million

                • Involved disciplines and fields



                About Us

                Shenzhen Winteng Translation Co., Ltd. is a branch in Shenzhen of Winteng Trans Company, headquartered in Beijing, which has six branches across mainland China. As a member of the China Translation Association, it has been working hard for more than fifteen years in the translation industry and has formed a mature business team and translation team. In the past 15 years, we have been adhering to the service concept of "customer first, quality first", constantly optimizing customer reception and customer maintenance; continuously improving quality control and translation efficiency; continuously improving service chain and solutions; constantly exploring new fields and service products; Constantly accumulate translation corpus and talents. With consistent translation quality and thoughtful customer service, we have been widely recognized by thousands of customers, China Ministry of Water Resources, China's Ministry of Environmental Protection, Renmin University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Atomic Energy Press, Argus Consulting, World Land,  PetroChina Great Wall Exploration Engineering Company and the Boao Forum for Asia have become our long-term cooperative customers.

                Native Speaker Team, For Premium Translation Quality


                We provide native speaker translation for the five most commonly used foreign languages

                • Anthony Moore

                  Engineering & Physics

                • Tim Nidesand

                  Communication & Literature

                • Ruth Chapman

                  Economics & Finance

                • Howard Williams

                  Medicine & Biology

                Our Strengths


                To provide distinguished professional services

                • Professional team


                  A mature professional translation team is our greatest strength, and our team has experience in dealing with various urgent, large and demanding projects.

                • In-time delivery


                  Ensuring the timeliness of translation is a basic requirement. We will fully communicate with our customers and determine a scientific and reasonable translation cycle based on the customer's time requirements.

                • Optimal cost scheme


                  Analyze a variety of translation scenarios, synthesize your usage scenarios, determine translation levels and translation processes, and minimize your translation costs.

                • Quick response to demands


                  Get your needs and requirements in a timely manner, respond quickly, adjust people and translation solutions to ensure that our translations are always consistent with your requirements.

                • Free after-sale service


                  Although we try our best to ensure the quality, comprehensive after-sales service is still the last guarantee of the interests of customers. Free after-sale service is our commitment to customers.

                Providing Professional Translation According To Discipline and Field


                Involved in 8 major disciplines, translators with relevant industry background


                CONTACT US

                If you`re curious about what we do, be free to get in tcouch with us.

                Looking forward to work together!


                Rm 107, Bld A, Chuangyeyihao Tower, 43 Yanshan Rd, Zhaoshang Strt. Nanshan District, Shenzhen





                15 Year 

                Experience In 

                Professional Translation

                For The Best Translation

                We actively cope with new challenges in the field of translation to provide customers with more comprehensive translation solutions.

                By strengthening the quality control of the whole process, we provide customers with the most professional translation services, from cohesive commercial advertisements to sleek academic papers; from rigorous professional technical documents to literary works with literary talents; form business negotiation to the magnificent international conference...